Tokyo Doll

Big city, little ole me.

Since I was a little girl, I have been fortunate to have seen the world, one pocket at a time (thank you, Mom and Dad!) My love for travel, adventure, and learning didn’t stop there. Now, as a (mostly) independent adult, I’m finding my way across greater unknowns, from Cambodia to Vietnam to Scotland, and learning more than I can remember along the way. I encourage you to join my journeys and would love to hear your stories, too!

Tokyo Doll blog was born in autumn of 2012.

“From city to suburbs to rural Japan to Tokyo, the changes are endless and the adventures around every corner. This is just the beginning. Follow along for my latest adventures, observations, recommendations and daily shenanigans. You won’t regret it. Let the journey continue, this time in Tokyo.”

Staying true to my intentions then, I promise to bring fun stories and adventures, not only from Tokyo, but across the globe. While I can’t physically bring everyone along for the ride, I can bring back words, stories, and photos to share.



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