Christmas Really IS Everywhere!

It’s beginning to look a lot like.. Christmas propaganda! haha

I. Love. The. Holiday. Season.

As any good once-upon-a-time-Catholic and general Christmas lover, I cannot get enough out of the holiday season. There is never too much merriment, and like a joy-hog, I gobble it all up.

Here in Japan, Christmas is like a single child with divorce parents who try to win their child’s love. Illuminations, decor, and Christmas-themed everything, everywhere. I’m not complaining.

But some things are rather surprising. Christmas illumination outings? Sign me up. Sexy Santa Claus costumes in the office? Count me out.

Bring on the holiday spirit!



2 thoughts on “Christmas Really IS Everywhere!

  1. After having had a few Christmas times in Japan, I’m quite warming to them. For a country with so few Christians, they do get a magical atmosphere going nevertheless. Sometimes I confess, I prefer some strawberry shortcake to rich fruit cake with rock-hard icing. Great photos!

    • Thanks for the message! I agree– it does feel magical til the fried chicken and strawberry shortcake come out! I’m not one to say no to Christmas Pudding but I agree that something lighter can be better 😀

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