Why, Japan, Why?!

The land of wonder. The land of beauty. The land of tradition. The land of exotic enchantment.

The land of.. what the hell?!

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Japan.

Exhibit 1: Surprise!

Exhibit 2: These guys. Surprisingly not shocking.

Exhibit 3: Trouble with elementary education.

Exhibit 4: When things get lost in translation.

Exhibit 5: I just can’t…

Exhibit 6: I wish I could deny it, but we’ve dug ourselves a deep hole where global image is concerned…

Exhibit 7: I’m not sure I understand how this happened…

Exhibit 8: Oh, dear lord.

Exhibit 9: Smart packaging? Or outrageous racist ploy? You be the judge.

Exhibit 10: That’s right, kiddos. If you’re going to learn anything in school, let it be useful.

No wonder the school days here are so long…

Images courtesy of Reddit; click through for original links.


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