There’s Nothing Like Home

Fatigued? Broken-hearted? In need of a refreshing escape? TLC? Home-cooked meals?
Look no further: home.

It’s been over a year since I’ve returned, and, as always, New York area has captured my heart. Don’t go back, it begs. Start a new life here!, it commands. My heart is torn between what I know would be a great life and what I’ve been working so hard to make into a great life. They lie on different sides of the globe and tug in their respective directions. Dammit, Tokyo, why do you always draw me back? Why do you refuse to lose to New York, Europe, anywhere else?

One day, I will leave, quite happily and ready to do so. But for now, I know there are things worth going back for. And so, on Sunday, I will. But for now, home, home, homey-home. Ah.

IMG_7681 IMG_7671 IMG_7672 IMG_0001 IMG_7676 IMG_0010 IMG_7666 IMG_7707 IMG_7714 IMG_7715 IMG_7725 IMG_7732 IMG_7742 IMG_8197 IMG_7936 IMG_8099 IMG_7899 IMG_7746 IMG_8098 IMG_8077 IMG_7744 IMG_8418 IMG_8223 IMG_8431 IMG_8564 IMG_8232 IMG_8233 IMG_8342 IMG_8722 IMG_8573 IMG_9806 IMG_9621 IMG_9701 IMG_9619 IMG_9618 IMG_9689 IMG_9634 IMG_9623 IMG_8836 IMG_8737 IMG_9823 WP_20141104_104 WP_20141104_110 IMG_9829 IMG_9953 WP_20141104_116 WP_20141104_021 WP_20141104_115 WP_20141104_223 WP_20141104_221 WP_20141104_218 WP_20141104_187 WP_20141104_120 WP_20141105_003 WP_20141105_006 WP_20141105_007 WP_20141105_008 WP_20141105_018


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