Tea hopping in Jiyugaoka

With evidence of the morning’s typhoon scattered everywhere, there was no better way to celebrate blue skies (at last!) than with back-to-back cafe visits for a relaxing afternoon.

Cue my friend from afar. We are but two ladies with limited stomach space and ginormous eyes. (Don’t take that too literally.) Had we had even one more hour to spend together (as originally planned- damn you, Typhoon 18!) we would have visited a fourth location.

Our afternoon included lovely strolls to aid digestion and visit a few shops. We began at Fete Cafe, my absolute favorite over the years, with a light lunch consisting of a chicken burger and various vegetable items.

Next up, Lupicia tea salon, where we indulged minimally in delicious tea (Rooibos for me) and a scone with all the fixings each.

From there we moved on to TWG for another round of tea (Red Chocolate from South Africa also made with Rooibos) and a sweet pear fruit tart.

The result? Pleasantly stuffed and exceedingly relaxed. The chairs at TWG were so comfortable and our stomachs so full from continuous eating, that I could’ve taken a nap right then and there.

Cafe tour of Jiyugaoka? Highly recommended. Just tell me when.IMG_4219.JPG










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