Cream Baby Cafe: So, So Chill

Working in the heart of Harajuku means two things: fashion and cafés galore. Clearly, I am in a mini materialistic heaven.

After work today, my belly demanded a ransom: food for movement. Considering my next job awaits a train ride away, I had no choice but to agree.

Narrowly avoiding a filming going on for something or other, I finally located Cream Baby Cafe, located in the AVEX Academy building.

When I arrived, nearly peaceful with the exception of one girl chatting on her phone and looking at the mirror behind my seat every other minute. Nothing has changed, girl. You still look like you’re insecurely trying too hard. Don’t worry, it’s a phase we all go through. You’ll make it through just fine.

Ordering is fun because the menus are on iPads. Scrolling through the options is the best part. Swoosh. I ordered the October special- more a special choice than flavor- half and half option for sandwiches. Tuna/shrimp/salmon and teriyaki chicken it is! Don’t worry, the fillings aren’t on the same roll. Haha.

Adding an iced coffee to get me through the rest of the day, I forked over 720 yen for a light snack even though I’d sworn off carbs for the week. Hunger prevailed.








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