Summer Lovin’

They say the beaches are overrated. They say they’re dirty and the water is not for swimming. They have big mouths.

I strongly dislike reviews. Well, those written for the intention of speaking from one’s bum not brain. That is why today, badly in need of a seaside retreat, I ignored the endless bashing that came up when I googled “best beaches near Tokyo,” and went on my merry way to the closest one: Yuigahara in Kamakura.

No, it was not the pristine paradise seen in travel magazines. No, I did not use a filter. But yes, I had a great time. Sometimes a lady needs a break to recharge, get over a wicked cold, oogle some shirtless eye candy, and feel the sand beneath her feet. I won’t remark on the percentages of each, but you may well know the answer 😉

Most people leave the beach around 4pm… I just got started. Here are clips from the “godawful” “filthy” “scum of the earth” beaches I saw today. Gosh, complainers are spot on. Not.




What are you thinking? Let me know :)

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