After-Easter Festivities at Disney

IMG_7151      Disneyland is a world of wonder all year round. From Christmas to summer festival, Tokyo Disneyland is known for its seasonal festivities and decorations. It’s no wonder every day, rain or shine, blazing hot or freezing cold, is crowded!IMG_7231

Although Easter has long ended, the spring festivities with Easter decor linger. The effect? Slightly confusing, thoroughly adorable.IMG_7225

Egg shaped characters fill the park for an egg hunt of massive proportion. The only sad thing? You can’t take them home.IMG_7232

While the lines on a Friday morning at opening were massive, attraction wait times were not horrific. Rides which amass hundreds of patiently waiting Disney-goers on weekends offered the tolerable exchange of one hour of time for four minutes (max) of happiness. Considering how short life is for us mere humans, it seems the unfair rip off. However, I’ll take it!IMG_7237


A slow day turned into a photography and laughter filled adventure that lasted til our 7:30 departure (just when I thought we were moving in…). Mommy, me, and friends: ladies take over the theme park! A wonderful chapter to her visit in Tokyo this time around.IMG_7146


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