Spring Awakening

The sakura are coming! The sakura are coming!


This is not a war cry. It is excitement in verbal form.

Long awaited, spring is finally upon us. But never mind spring and its many months of visitation. It’s quite nearly cherry blossom season in Tokyo – an extraordinary, romantic 2-week window in which people cluster under blossoms in parks and public spaces to drink, eat, and join together in merriment. Did I mention beauty? Ah, yes, the pink, fluffy trees are far from your Willy Wonka cotton candy booms. They’re real and incredible.





While a few early bloomers have already brought life to Tokyo’s residential areas, the majority have yet to mesmerize us. So what’s a girl to do in the meantime? Enjoy the plethora of sakura-themed goods available virtually everywhere. Sakura lattes? Blossom-infused sushi? Flower-shaped snacks? Don’t mind if I do!




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