Small Cafes – Kitotenowa in Tsuruga





Small cafes are the treasure of Japan. Include the fact that gratuity is not accepted, and there’s no reason to ever eat at home. When you consider the price of a tomato (almost $2) versus the $10 you’d pay for an entire meal and drink, it’s just not worthwhile (time or money) to prepare food for one person. This, ambiance, and study space are among the many reasons I frequent cafes in Tokyo and throughout Japan. They are one of the things I will sorely miss when I’m gone.



On a recent visit to Fukui, I visited Kitotenowa with a lovely friend and her sweet daughter. Having just indulged in crab chowder at a seaside cafe an hour earlier, we were in no state for a second lunch. But coffee and dessert? We could handle that.





The two-story cafe is gorgeous. Dark wooden borders, open spaces, mixed tables and chairs in a variety of natural woods. Accents and quirky decor. I fell in love.



The sweets were also excellent. Roll cakes with cream and various veggie-inspired fillings. Gateau Chocolat with a perfect bitter to sweet balance. My brown tea coffee soy latte was also uniquely satisfying.



The only unfortunate thing is that it’s located in an isolated area of Tsuruga, accessible only by car. Yet the area, newly renovated, is cozy. A bakery and other cafe sit next door. Door to door enjoyment. If you’re in the area, make sure to check it out!


4 thoughts on “Small Cafes – Kitotenowa in Tsuruga

  1. I love how one can just sit/study/relax at their own pace by themselves in cafes in Asia. In Australia, going to a cafe is more a social thing, like a lunch date with a friend etc but sometimes I just want to do my own thing with yummy food on hand T.T

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