Shiver Me Pancakes!


When I was younger, I loved pancakes. Once upon a time, my dad used to make them for us – thin and golden, eaten with dulce de leche. They were no ordinary American pancakes.
As time went on, my mom took over. Then, eventually, they faded away. Along with my baking obsession, I reintroduced them in high school. These were not ordinary, either. Banana-Walnut. Chocolate on Chocolate. The more filling, the better.
I found typical pancakes to be boring and too fluffy. Like my perception of pasta – filling at first and hungry in no time. Eventually, my affinity for producing pancakes dwindled, too, and I rarely ate them at all. The era of pancakes had come to an end.

So how is it that now, in Tokyo, I have redeveloped this love fro fluffy, delicious fiends? Is it the eating culture that I refused to fall prey to? The influx of Hawaiian and regular American breakfast places? Or the need for comfort food? Whatever the reason, I’ve been on a pancake binge. Sarabeth’s (three times in two weeks for limited edition Chocolate Explosion Valentine’s pancakes – gross, I know). Clinton Street Baking Co. Ivy Place. La Petite Mercerie. J.S. Pancake Cafe. Stop me now, pancake police!

I’m fully aware that pancakes are devilish, empty calories – of sweet, fluffly perfection. The jury has spoken. In limited quantities, I can continue my frenzy.
I now introduce my latest find: J.S. Pancake Cafe in Jiyugaoka. A “find” that I have known about since moving here and always ignored (“pancakes are gross” said clueless little me) until Monday. When, under the spell of Sarabeth’s, I saw the Valentine’s Day pancakes offered at JS until March 3, I knew I would gobble them down at some point.

Last chance. March 3. I met two girl friends for lunch (late as usual, despite living so close by – sorry, girls!). Yet when the menu arrived (and after weighing myself on Sunday for the first time in a year), I realized I really didn’t fancy the sweet chocolate explosion pancakes. Instead, I chose the savory salmon-avocado ones. Best choice. , They were delicious, accompanied with a salad. Yum!





Long after we’d left, the thought lingered in my mind. Chocolateeeee. Last chance. I went back, nervously excusing my double appearance to the waitresses who seemed confused about my stammering. I played it safe – half to go, half to devour in 3.5 seconds. Mission accomplished.

Thank goodness I didn’t  eat them all. I think I’ve been trying to welcome diabetes unintentionally with the amount of sugar I’ve been consuming daily, hourly. It’s time to shape up!

That doesn’t mean I can’t admire pancake photos, right?


What are you thinking? Let me know :)

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