Music and Truffle Fries


A fan of Broadway songs and any display of chillingly good vocals, I was not against the idea of listening to my mother’s favorite quartet, Il Divo. World renowned for their singing capabilities and good looks, the quartet has members from four European countries and is ridiculously popular among middle-aged women all over the world. Boy bands, take note. Il Divo has class and a global fan base. That’s a bit difficult to compete with.


As a foodie, I can’t claim that the music was my favorite aspect of our outing to Il-Divo Cafe at Pub Cardinal Marunouchi this past Sunday. Yes, the music and atmosphere were great, relaxing, enjoyable. But the truffle fries with Raclette cheese dip? I’m sorry, but it was no competition. Few things can overcome the delight of dunking a thick potato wedge sprinkled with parsley and truffle into a candle-heated mini-pot of melted cheese. Raclette, mind you, dear cheese snobs. Raclette. Needless to say, we had a rather eventful visit to the Il-Divo Cafe. Oh, and the live performance streaming was nice, too.


What are you thinking? Let me know :)

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