Valentine’s Day: Then and Now

Gone are the days of Valentine’s notes in our favorite cartoon themes and cut out like little cardboard cards to be slipped in “mailboxes” made of empty tissue cartons. We’ve long said farewell to the delight of giving and receiving a Valentine note from each and every classmate – yes, even the weird ones. But weren’t we all quirky and just looking for a seasonal cheer? And what became of those little hearts with messages that we cherry picked to leave only the illegible or yellow ones? While nostalgia for the cute, innocent practices of childhood is seemingly endless, it also brings a smile to our faces and a warmth to our hearts.

These days, Valentine’s reveals itself as the commercial day our childhood selves were ignorant of. But that’s okay. We’re still looking for a bit of love. Whether from friends or someone special, any expression of caring is one to look forward to as the fourteenth comes into view. While I personally never tire of chocolate (honestly, who can???), my boyfriend has explicitly stated that I must not buy him any. Let me begin by saying that in Japan, Valentine’s is entirely confused. On this day, women must give men chocolates, not the other way around. And, to make matters more burdensome, even co-workers must receive “obligatory” chocolate. Oh, but loved ones get special handmade ones. A month later, on March 14 or “White Day,” men can return the favor by buying chocolate for women. In any western country where chocolate is a daily addiction, there is little need for two commercial holidays focused on pushing chocolate into the market. Here, however, it works. Anyway, as a result of a winter holiday in England and Belgium, I now have a larger stash of chocolate in my apartment than can be consumed in a year, let alone by Valentine’s Day. Which means that my Valentine’s gift will be.. well, that’s a surprise.

In the theme of Valentine’s, here are a bunch of cute, creative ideas I’ve come upon during my daily procrastination session.

I can’t even type.

xoxo Pancakes

very cute and simple yarn art

Brown rice heart sushi, anyone?

Or how about putting a little heart in your lasagna?


What are you thinking? Let me know :)

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