A Little Creativity Goes a Long Way

One of my favorite online activities is procrastination. Be it in the form of nonsense articles, dream getaways, exercise tips I’ll never follow, or the dreaded Facebook addiction, there are far too many ways to forget about time while sitting at the computer. However, not all hope is lost! There are actually ways to procrastinate productively! In order to accomplish this seemingly impossible feat, all you need is a little creativity – or rather, an affinity for the creativity that others have wonderfully captured and shared for all of us to enjoy.

There are so many interesting design ideas online that I don’t even know where to start. From creative packaging to ways to improve everyday life, suggestions are bountiful and ingeniously captivating. Oh, and did I mention they’re often eco-friendly? Though I’m not the best sustainable practices – I have a thing for using too many napkins – I try my best. Here are some of the witty ideas I’ve enjoyed recently.

Fork and spoon cabinet door handles

Swing set and dinner table? Count me in!

Musical walls

Backyard cinema – yes, you can bring snacks from home 🙂

Okay, so balcony pools maybe aren’t eco-friendly, but… they’re awesome.

Ah, the inspiration.


2 thoughts on “A Little Creativity Goes a Long Way

    • I just did the finding – click on the photo for the site I found it from 🙂
      And I agree that it’s a great idea. If only I could do it in my apartment!

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