Belgium: There’s No Such Thing As Too Much Chocolate

Well I’ve said it, and never have I spoken truer words. 😉

Our two-day excursion to Brugge, Belgium this week was just plain nice. As soon as we arrived, I couldn’t help the excitement: quaint houses, canals, Christmas decor, and horse-drawn carriages! Who wouldn’t be happy?

Brugge, with its old city encased in canals, is a beautiful old place. Because it’s small and compact, it makes for the perfect short vacation. Two days is long enough to see all the main sites and wander off to discover the unlisted. The latter, of course, is the way to go.

Our first day began by attacking a panini and quiche in a ravenous state. When we had regained our humanity, we indulged in a precious small bag of assorted dark chocolates from a chocolatier featured on Japan’s NHK and known as one of the oldest in the area. Tia Maria and amaretto? Don’t mind if we do! Somehow we even managed to make the parcel last until after dinner in a comatose state at the hotel. That took an indecent amount of self-restraint.

Exporting Brugge isn’t hard at all- everything is walkable with patience and desire. From the windmills in the northeast to the Minnewater Park area in the south, everything is within reach of even the most unfit tourist. On our second morning, we mustered the energy to run the canal route around the city. What should have been a 7km run, however, became closer to 11km when we took the wrong canal path and had a bit of trouble finding our way back. Nevertheless, a great way to see the city at a quicker pace and from new angles. We passed boat-filled canals in gentle morning light, four windmills, cobblestone streets, and little houses full of character.

One of my favorite things was the iron gate front doors of houses with traditional wreaths hanging. And then there was the sun setting over the canals. And the smell and sight of chocolate, waffles, and chocolate waffles continuing for kilometers. Belgium is my kind of place, apparently.


3 thoughts on “Belgium: There’s No Such Thing As Too Much Chocolate

  1. great photos. nice to read about my own town from another perspective 🙂
    although we don’t like the horse-drawn carriages and wish for the sake of the horses they would be abolished!

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