My English Holiday: One Part Nostalgia, One Part Confusion, One Part…Brilliant

Crumpets, Cornish Pasties, Bananas in Pajamas, Barney, Kinder eggs:  which was not a part of my childhood?

It’s the second time around – Christmas in England with the boyfriend and his wonderful family – and I’m loving it. Time both flies and crawls. Jet lag has us up at the oddest of hours and starving bright and early. I wake up hoping I’m the early bird who’ll get all the worms to satisfy my raging stomach. Getting up early is nice and being here is a steady reminder of that. Up early, collapsing into bed no later than 10pm, if I even make it up that late. Soon jet lag will wear off and I’ll be able to pull off later nights, but til then I’m enjoying feeling young again. As if I’ve had a curfew in years.

Since arriving on Thursday, we have done a heap of resting, lazy mornings in pajamas, baking and cooking incredible feasts, tea in the living room after dinner, and warm conversations with family. The holidays here just feel so natural. Out at the supermarket, I can’t help feeling equally excited and overwhelmed. And I thought American supermarkets were complete. Here there are more varieties than one can count and so many exciting new things to try. And the Greek yogurt? Both familiar and in new varieties I can’t wait to try. Some things are plain bizarre (candy bar milkshakes?).  As for the language – well let’s say communication isn’t always flawless. Cheerio.

We’ve run along forest trails, muddied our shoes, and frozen in the cold rain. We’ve also ventured out to old houses. Today? High tea (finally!) near Windsor Castle.

What’s next you ask? Cornish pasties for dinner!

More to come.


What are you thinking? Let me know :)

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