Burgers on the Terrace, Rain or Shine


On the fourth floor of a narrow building near Jiyugaoka Station, there is a burger shop you would never know existed without a keen eye or social media addiction. Luckily, I have a bit of both.



With a friend and her two-year-old niece, I enjoyed a casual lunch in a refreshing, comfortable ambiance. Though our young companion barely touched her chicken nuggets in lieu of Cheerios, I can vouch for their well-seasoned tenderness, verified while trying to entice our young one to eat her lunch. While that may not have worked, she seemed perfectly content petting my fleeced arm and cajoling me with her cute words. That seemed to entertain her more than the burger shaped water hoops toy the waitress gave her. Ah, well. Children work in mysterious ways.

Overall, Jiyugaoka Burger is a nice place. The small sized chicken burger comes with three spiced baked potato halves (a great alternative to French fries) and a mini cole slaw salad. The perfect amount. Even the water came refreshingly cool and minty. For a small, hidden eatery, the food service is on par with that of a seasoned establishment. At any rate, highly recommended as a little escape in a tree-lined terrace.


What are you thinking? Let me know :)

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