Hacienda del Cielo Birthday Madness

A table fit for 18. Two hours of Mexican cuisine. Swanky surroundings. And sixteen friends. Birthday parties at Hacienda are wonderful.

Full last year, Hacienda escaped me on my 23rd birthday. This year, however, early reservation victory was mine.

The food came steadily and drinks were slurped rapidly. Am I to blame for smoothie-like delicious frozen margaritas? No, sir. From nachos to jumbo garlic shrimp to ceviche to braised spare ribs to quesadillas accompanied with honey and cranberries, the appetizers were delicious. Salad preceded chicken fajitas, and just as we were ready to turn our napkins in, beef jambalaya came in to fill what stomach space remained. Lo and behold, dessert was yet to come.

And with it, mini sparklers and a chorus of Happy Birthday! by my friends. There’s nothing like it. Oh, and the brownie and cheesecake bites were good, too.

I’m thankful for a warm welcome into my late early-twenties (or mid-twenties on days which I feel more mature). Pleasant memories give all the more reason to love Hacienda del Cielo.


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