I can express myself so much better through stickers

stickers3It’s that time of the day. You’re sifting through Facebook and wham!  A message from an old acquaintance, a distant relative, or sometimes someone you haven’t really met. You appreciate the effort at conversation, but how many words can you really milk to reply to whatever was just said?

What do you say to awkward statements? How do you end a conversation that seems incomplete?

Surely no one would object to a cute sticker.

  catstickersdinostickerstickers stickers2 Oh dear stickers, you save me every time.

You may be wondering as you read this – Oh gosh, does that mean our conversations are awkward?? Is that why she uses so many stickers?

No, no, dear friends, I am merely a sticker addict. They serve their purpose in socially awkward situations and are also a form of self-expression. So many words put into one object. You could even think you’ve left me speechless, limited only to the pasting of a cartoonized expression. Oh, the mystery.

Stickers, stickers, I love them. And the best part is… they’re just so darn cute.

Damn cute stickers, courtesy of Facebook.


What are you thinking? Let me know :)

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