A View from the Top

Back in Tokyo and up to no good. Well, on a few adventures at any rate.

Saturday was a recovery day, which moved from bed to lunch to a festival in Yoyogi to sushi dinner to bed for a nap followed by a movie and bed again. Sleep and food.

Then Sunday picked up and jet-lag fought back. The victor? Me, I guess.

We finally managed to revisit San-kyu in Jiyuagoka for a delicious traditional lunch. Saturday was a no-go, as the lines for the little shop were well out the door. Soba Saturday! (more to come on that interesting venue…)

The day continued on to Hikarie in Shibuya for some birthday cake selebction. Harvest moon themed mini cheesecake mouse bunny cake? Why not? Birthday boy win.

Next up, Shinjuku. The goal to meet friends soon became a date to the top of the Metropolitan Government Building Observatories. Not a bad view for a hazy day. Though we waited in line for about as long as we strolled around, it was worth the new experience (well, new for me at any rate). I personally prefer the romantic views from City View in Mori Tower, Roppongi, but the Shinjuku view is free and, well, free.

Our journey continued to Yoyogi Park for the Sri Lankan Festival (second visit) and spicy vegetable roti. Evening fare? Mexican in abundance and two hours of open bar to celebrate the big 27. Happy birthday!


What are you thinking? Let me know :)

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