Rice Pudding with a Bite


I’m back in town and hitting up the old faves. On the list? Rice to Riches.

Located on Manhattan’s lower half, Rice to Riches is a guilty, guilty indulgence. Featuring dozens of flavors and daily specials, the shop boasts the obvious: there is no skimping on calories here. Dieters, seek comfort elsewhere. Luckily for me (though perhaps not my thighs), I make exceptions for the very best.

Selecting four drool-worthy flavors (two for the road! I swear!), I shared the chocolately Hazelnut Chocolate Bear Hug and Almond Shmalmond duo with my bestie. Didn’t we just have brunch not so long ago? Oh well! When in the neighborhood…

Anyway! Back to the subject of deliciousness, which is precisely what Rice to Riches rice pudding is… My favorites have now expanded to include the almond flavor and the originals, Take Me to Tiramisu and The Edge of Rum Raisin.

I’d like to say the sweet treat alone is enough of a reason to visit, but that wouldn’t be the whole truth. The signs are reason enough on their very own. From “Toppings, Jesus Droppings” to “three sensible meals a day only spoil your appetite for rice pudding,” the shop’s decorative signs will have you laughing and melting away the pounds. But as they claim, you’re already fat, so why not have more rice pudding?



What are you thinking? Let me know :)

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