A Bit(e) of Nostalgia


This time it’s only been three months since I was last here. Three months of endlessness extending into forever. In other words, May feels like years ago, and it’s nice to be back (despite the rain) in remote Fukui.

Unlike last time, this time I indulged my cravings immediately with an oroshi soba and sauce katsudon set. The fried pork had me saying “oink” as the little piggy I became, devouring the meal instantly. Mmm countryside goodness. Fresh. Home made.

And then there was me, the city girl rummaging through her bag for a phone charger, blissfully peaceful in the small shop with affordable meals compared to those of her Tokyo home. If I wasn’t an already stark contrast to the other customers, the guitar strapped on my back must have had everyone wondering why I’m such a far way from home.

Silly them. I’ve only just arrived. I am home.




What are you thinking? Let me know :)

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