Sensibly Tasteful: Lunch in Nakameguro

Last Friday was that special kind of day when you can while away hours over good food and conversation: it was ladies’ lunch day. After my final class of Entertainment Theory and Creative Strategy (a great course given by the president of my grad program), I hopped on the train to Nakameguro. Belly rumbling on a quick walk, I finally made it (albeit late) to Taste AND Sense.

From the outside, Taste AND Sense is understated and unexpected. I recalled being down that road before but never saw the cafe. An open door stemming from a sizable hallway gave me a glimpse of tables and a serving counter. A ha! Thar she blows!

As I saw waiting for my friend, I took a moment to breathe and relax into my chair. Ravenous. Straight across the hall, through the open doorway, a model was posing for a photographer. The clothing racks around them made me realize: it’s not just a cafe. In fact, the cafe is only a sidekick to the store, 1LDK. When my friend arrived, it was order time, followed by visualizing the first bite, superseded by remembering I was there to socialize not fantasize about food. It didn’t take too long and was well worth the wait.

My friend ordered the daily pasta with a hearty topping of fresh grated cheese. Rather, I should say she ordered the daily cheese with a helping of pasta. I don’t even like pasta and I wanted some. Then mine came: Rosemary Chicken with a rice ball, deli item, and salad. I couldn’t help but devour it all too quickly. Tender and seasoned, the chicken came with a variety of vegetables in its small cooking pot. As if the presentation wasn’t enough, the flavor was pleasing as well. I personally would’ve enjoyed a bit more rosemary flavor, but it was edible. 😉

Two hours and several glasses of water later, ladies’ lunch = mission accomplished.


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