Fish Fancy and Other Stories from the Road

Okay, so there isn’t really a road. Unless we’re talking about the path of life.

First thing first: Fish Fancy. (How’s that for alliteration?)

I am addicted to fish. And it’s not a monogamous relationship. I like my fish grilled, smoked, dried, pan-fried, and raw, on rice. I devour tuna, ravish salmon, annihilate cod, and hoover swordfish. Swim, fishies, and swim fast, because I am out to get you.

Here is a sample of my lunches and dinners for the past few weeks.

Next on the agenda, adventures from here and there.

On the subject of food, we’ve been doing a lot of cooking. As for our recipes? We avoid boredom through international cuisines and concoctions of our own. The sandwiches featured are the result of my July 4th post. Amazing. The chicken enchiladas, a post-work dinner treat for my boyfriend. I’m going to be an awesome wife someday. Hehehehe. (Though, in reality, I fully expect my husband to cook for me, it’s never a bad thing to pick up a few cooking skills while I have the time…)

Following is (restaurant repeats) food adventures in the lands of Shibuya, Jiyugaoka, Harajuku, and Daikanyama in the last few days. Perhaps this post needs a new title. Fish Fancy and Other Things I Ate Along the Way.

As you can probably tell, I’m really hungry. And blogging about this topic right now could be considered self-inflicted pain. But in reality, it’s hope for a wonderful dinner when my all-day meeting ends in forty-five minutes. Feed me!


What are you thinking? Let me know :)

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