Birds of a Feather Wear Bracelets Together

Just when you think you know your best friends, they surprise you. While pranks and bad news are of the undesired sort, it’s the eye-opening, the unexpected announcements that shed a new light.

What am I going on about? My best friend’s grand opening: Feather of A Phoenix handmade bracelet shop on Etsy.

I was pleasantly taken-aback when she let me know today about her craft work. I had no idea she was opening an online shop, let alone that she had a passion for jewelry making!

Anyway, the two lessons I learned are:

1. Explore Etsy – there is so much to see that is original, beautiful, handmade, and quite unlike anything you’ll find in a shopping mall. While you’re at it, please take a look at my pal’s work.

2. Take time and ask your friends about their small or hidden passions. And then motivate your friend to pursue them! Maybe a little encouragement is all they need to take the step forward. My friend didn’t need mine to get started, but I’m here to support her along the way!

Proud love from afar to the talented Andrea. ❤


What are you thinking? Let me know :)

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