A Community of Women

Powerful women are everywhere, so why don’t we notice them?

That’s because power is best worn under the exterior level. It comes from within. It comes in the form of confidence, passion, and a drive to accomplish dreams. So what does this inspiring woman look like?

Your neighbor. Your mother. Your best friend. The head of publicity at a huge company. The publisher and author of her own works. The volunteer who gives wholeheartedly. The young commuter who gives her seat to the elderly.

The baker and the restaurateur.

Let’s focus on these.

Since spring, I have been a part of a wonderful organization that values women and embraces their drive to succeed at whatever goal in life. As a result, I’ve gotten to experience a bunch of really cool things and chat with amazing, motivating women.

One such woman, owner of Bella’s Cupcakes, fulfilled my craving for a taste of home (and high school addiction but let’s not go there! ^.^): Red Velvet cupcakes. Mmm!


The other entrepreneur I’d like to spotlight is the owner of a catering company, restaurant (Kimono Bar & Grill), and BBQ food truck. As if it wasn’t enough to lure customers with delicious food to her Nogizaka location, she also makes it a point to bring the best of American BBQ (pulled pork! pulled chicken! drool!) to Tokyo locations for a quick meal than is far from boring. Were that not enough, she also hosts several events at said restaurant, ranging from book clubs to craft-making & chatting to wine soirees.

And then, there was the Crostini Contest – a fabulous chance for my boyfriend and I to try new recipes and mingle with the creators of the other delicious treats. Wine and crostini. I could’ve stayed all day.

In a society where men dominate and (unfortunately) are often less than welcoming to women with professional aspirations, these women have built a world for themselves in little pockets of Tokyo. The best part? Everyone’s welcome. Whether an ex-pat missing familiar tastes or a local searching for new flavors, anyone (and everyone) can benefit from what these women have created with a dream, a will, and a paving their own way.


What are you thinking? Let me know :)

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