School on a Sunday

What’s worse than school on a Saturday?

A 9am to 5pm project presentation marathon on a Sunday.

As if it weren’t enough to disrupt our Sunday slumber time, we were robbed of the Sunday essential: slow, enjoyable eating. Barely 40 minutes for lunch. Where is my Sunday breakfast in bed? My brunch? Replaced with a quick run to a chain coffee shop for an edible sandwich and iced coffee. Caffeine boost – much needed after a 7k run before 7am.

Well, I suppose my current self-improvement venture, the path to positivity, would not be pleased if I sidetracked into a rant. Therefore, I would like to give kudos to our program organizers. Thank you for the chance to challenge myself by ramming a 5 minute presentation into the two minute slot remaining when others ran over time. Thank you for the chance to plug my laptop into state-of-the-art (and comfy) auditorium seats so that I may a) work on my final reports b) take pointless Facebook quizzes and c) write this. Thank you for the option to nap in a dark room with the lullaby of my classmates’ presentations serenading me into slumber. And thank you for the chance to discover really cool things while working on aforementioned final reports, such as product redesigns that are too cool to resist posting.


That’s all.


What are you thinking? Let me know :)

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