Welcome Summer

Wait, what? It’s July!?

Well that’s pretty terrifying. Where did June go? May? January to April?

Time flies when you’re having fun???

Whether or not this is entirely true, I do know that more than half of the year is gone and there’s no going back. Why bother? Another half awaits!

Now that rainy season has come and gone (much more quickly than I’d imagined), summer has officially begun. Here are some summery things I’m looking forward to in the coming weeks and months:

– Fruit!

– Breezy summer clothing

– Outdoor beer gardens (minus the beer)

– Salads in all varieties and colors

– Bright toenail colors

– A New York summer (can’t wait to play with my dog!!!)

– Catching up with old friends

– the beach (swimming optional)

– fireworks!

– summer sunsets… there’s no better kind

– family BBQs (bring on the grilled veggies!)

And last but not least, that warm feeling of fullness – completeness – when you take a deep breath, the cool breeze on your back, the sun’s tingling rays on your arms, and you remember the comforting peace that comes with the company of the people and things you love. Breathe and relax. It’s summer.


What are you thinking? Let me know :)

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