Checking Out the Backside: Cafe Time West of Yoyogi Park

Allow me to humor myself. Yoyogi Park has one nice backside.

The first thoughts that come to mind when I think of Yoyogi are: Meiji-Jingu (shrine), Frisbee playing and yoga, Elvis-impersonators (“Harajuku Levels”), and the gates of Harajuku. Most people don’t even consider walking west of NHK, let alone northwest some 10-15 minutes. Yet if they did, they’d be in for a pleasant surprise: terraced cafes, niche restaurants, imported diners, and peacefulness.

One such treasure trove is Bondi Beach Cafe. Sprawled onto the sidewalk, splashing Western quilt-covered couches on a raised terrace, the cafe promises comfort and leafy view. While only a short walk from the heart of Shibuya, the back-side of Yoyogi is quiet, calm. Add these elements together, and you’re bound to have a pleasant experience at Bondi Beach Cafe.

Wait – perhaps you’re thinking I missed something. Oh, that’s right! I didn’t even mention the food. Well, rest assured: it’s delicious.Despite the fact we’d only eaten lunch a few hours before (okay maybe less than 2), we couldn’t resist indulging in a salmon-burg sandwich (sounded too interesting), avocado-spinach-banana smoothie, and cafe latte. A savory dessert.

So next time you’re in the area, don’t even think about venturing through the Harajuku crowds hoping you’ll make it out alive. Head west and keep walking until you find a little cafe or restaurant straight out of New York. Take a seat. Breathe. Relax. You might even forget you’re in Tokyo until it’s time to shout “sumimasen!” and place your order.


What are you thinking? Let me know :)

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