Weekend Adventures: LED Fireflies on the River and Komazawa Olympic Park






Last weekend was a whirlwind of quite distinct activities, from visiting the Fujisawa campus of Keio University (ah! green!) to Asakusa’s LED firefly festival to a mini walking adventure towards Komazawa Olympic Park.

The Fujisawa campus is quite nice in that it’s green and peaceful. If it hadn’t been a Saturday, it would’ve been more hectic I’m sure, yet still nice to relax. And who can say “no” to 60 yen coffee or 30 yen tea?

By the time I reached Asakusa that evening, I was exhausted. Campus is nearly two hours of bus and train away. At Asakusa, four of us went out for tempura before the festival at 7. Not too shabby, though not the quality I expected for the price. Then came the mob scene: fighting through packed crowds to get a glimpse of the river. The only other time I’ve seen such crowds was during last summer’s Asakusa fireworks display, when it took two hours just to cross the bridge. This time I knew better than to cross it, picking the riverside instead and getting squished, suffocated and trampled by other friendly people. Not my cup of tea. As for my photos? Pretty blurry. But it’s having seen it with my own eyes that counts. Pretty!

Sunday was a relaxing day. Lunch at my favorite Fete Cafe followed by a long stroll to Komazawa Olympic Park via a lovely temple in Todoroki. The sun was out and the temperature just right. We even found a bakery I’d heard of, but not yet located, in the outskirts of Jiyugaoka. Yum!
The park was much larger than we had anticipated and included sports grounds, a skate park, tandem and family bike rentals, and areas specifically for kids like a bicycle riding training area for parents to sit and watch their kids learning to ride. The park was certainly a nice discovery. There’s nothing like a sunny day, a park bench, and a good book to put things right. Oh and the company wasn’t bad either 😉





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