And Another Stage Begins

Just finished my part time work of six months, many laughs, and a lot of knowledge learnt. Who would’ve thought six months could feel equally short and long? I guess it’s that I haven’t known much of a Tokyo life without my job, thus the reason I’m at a loss for words. I’ll miss my co-workers and the poor English I had to translate (actually maybe not the latter as it’s still all around us). I really enjoyed this half a year, yet, in spite of the bittersweet taste that goodbye leaves, I am looking forward to the freedom that not working will bring. Time for my thesis research, time to pursue my interests truly and without excuse. It’s show time.

Starting next week, I will hit the recording studio to get some samples out to clients. I’m also going to get started on the novel I’ve postponed for some time. Yes, no work is new work. Rather, play. I’m excited.





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