Where Old Dreams Lie





It wasn’t long ago that I heard the frogs’ song at night; that I gazed at the stars from a castle hundreds of years old; that I taught in a school surrounded by rice fields. Yet it all seems but an old forgotten dream.

Going back was a reminder and a lesson. Don’t wish for what you once had, appreciate what lies in your reach, and prepare for what stands before you. In the last few months, I have hit the ground and sprung back up again, like a flower blossoming for the first time. I’ve learned how to live again, really live this time. Not be lost in the worries and distractions we confuse with what’s important in life. I’m not going back.

This post isn’t about me, however. It’s about enjoying your moment, whenever, wherever it is. Get out, laze in the sun, sit under a tree, go for a run, bake a cake, take in the stars. Do whatever brings you serenity and makes you happy. Remember that you deserve to be happy and make a bit of time each day about you, a moment in the craziness to breathe and feel every inch of your body and soul. Ah, much better.






What are you thinking? Let me know :)

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