Tuesday Night Baking: I’ve Got a Remedy

Tired from a weekend away?

Well, I would be (more) tired if it hadn’t been so lovely. Visiting my home-stay family from a summer of study abroad in college is an activity I am lucky to do a few times a year. While a bus from Shinjuku gets me directly to Iida Station in Nagano prefecture with little effort on my behalf, it’s a tiring journey when caught in an additional 2.5 hours of traffic on the return. At just about the 5 hour mark, my delirium kicked in, and I was caught drawing pen tattoos of a rhino on my boyfriend’s arm. Crazy giggle attack. Another hour and a half and we arrived hungrily in search of food at Shinjuku. By the time we finally arrived at my place, some half hour away, it was well close to 10. The point? Today, especially after work and prepping for my trip to Fukui on Thursday, I needed a small break.

What did I used to do to calm myself or just feel at peace when I was at home in New Jersey?

Ah, right. The same thing I decided upon tonight in order to bring snacks to a school meeting tomorrow: bake. I’ve had some graham crackers lying around the pantry, just waiting to be used for too long. Add some cream cheese to the search box and the answer was obvious: cheesecake with graham cracker crust. But if only I had a large enough round pan, and if only I didn’t have to make enough for several people. That’s right, I made them mini and in batches. And threw in some extra ingredients I needed to also make use of. That’s the thing about me and recipes: I find it hard to follow them without adding random items that cry out to be used. Chocolate powder? Toss that in. Walnuts? In the crust, why not? And so for tomorrow’s meeting: mini cheesecakes with in two varieties – plain with graham crust and chocolate with walnut-graham crust. As for me? I’m saving one of each! hehehe 🙂

See the inspirational recipe here.


What are you thinking? Let me know :)

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