Redefining a Lunch Quickie

This morning I forgot my charger at home.

My schedule? Packed and packed with a hint of no time. Battery life? Unreliable.

Boyfriend to the rescue!

What does one do when there is barely more than an hour to get on a train, find a lunch place, scarf down (and enjoy!), get back on a train, up to the 6th floor retrieve a laptop, and back to the 3rd to get to class by one?

Squeeze in a lunch quickie.

Though I’d never before been to the (newly opened) Tokyu Plaza at Musashikosugi, it was naturally an easy point between us to meet. Hello, new food adventures! Next time, I’ll be sure to explore more, because there were certainly many appetizing options. However, today I was a girl on a mission. Fuel up my laptop and myself.

Even before noon, the entire food floor was packed with the usual mix of mothers & babies, older women, businessmen, and families. The percentage of women to men at such nice lunch places is generally 85%. Quite the disparity. After browsing among the familiar names (Wired Cafe) and array of food types (udon to okonomiyaki to pizza to Chinese), I couldn’t resist the most appetizing – set-lunch shop with more choices than stomach space – which sadly also had the longest line. Ah well, the sacrifices we make for delicious fuel! Obon de Gohan, I choose you!

We were seated after about 15 minutes and placed our order right away. Half an hour til train time! Luckily, our food came quite quickly. And if anything, I was more concerned with slowing down to enjoy it instead of rushing to try everything at once. Yummy yummy in my tummy. I had the grilled chicken (which for some reason in Japan tends to taste fried without removing the skin..), miso soup, salad, tofu in sauce, deli items, and hijiki rice set. My boyfriend ordered the fried chicken with tartar sauce and same rice. Did I mention free refills of (3 choices of) rice and miso soup? Wonderful, right?

On a scale from 1 to 10, I would say mine was a 6, my boyfriend’s an 8. I guess the whole grilled-chicken-shouldn’t-taste-fried thing was a major setback for me. Ironically, he preferred mine. At any rate, I’d love to go back and try one of the fish or salad plates. drool over a dessert (which looked incredible).

Lunch quickie? An excellent way to catch up over food. Did you really think I meant anything else?


What are you thinking? Let me know :)

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