Finding Calm in Confusion

In hard times, it’s not surprising to be afraid of our inner demons.
But there is a difference between the evil we could become and the good we choose to be.

Are most of us inherently good and a few fated to be bad? Or do we consciously choose malign?

In light of recent tragedies and sadness, I can’t help be plagued of such thoughts lately, though I wish that weren’t the case.

It’s without a doubt that we each experience a series of thoughts in our lives that we are less than proud of or downright ashamed of. But does that mean we are capable of committing such terrible acts? No. I really believe we choose, somehow whether consciously or subconsciously, to act on what we believe is right. I guess what I just don’t understand is why for every decent person, there is one less than decent person in the world. But instead of framing that negatively, I’m trying to include more positivity in my life in saying that, for every bit of evil, there are far more acts of good to lead us forward.


What are you thinking? Let me know :)

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