Back to Home Cooked Meals

The return to home can only mean one of two things: 1. Endless take-out or 2. Cooking revival.

Being keen on experimentation (and limited on food expense), I’ve chosen the latter.

The contenders are:

1. Crazy mix of veggies “omelette”


2. Baked Parmesan-mushroom-onion-spinach Dusted (not Crusted) PieImageImage

3. Baked & Breaded Zucchini Chips


4. Veggie & Salmon Orange Couscous Burgers


And the winner is……!!!

As satisfying as they all were in their time, I must say my favorites were the baked pie and the salmon burgers.

The first, I can take credit for. The second, I wish (hehe thank youuuuuu).

Moral of the story?

Explore your kitchen! (Oh, and have fun.)


What are you thinking? Let me know :)

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