Vegetable Sushi? Bewilderingly Good.

Lunch date at Potager.

I have never had a meal of solely vegetable sushi before, so when my boyfriend suggested we (finally) go to an all-veggie sushi place for lunch at Roppongi Hills, I whipped out my agenda and plopped it right in between class and work. Not that he needs to be penciled in. 😉

We were greater warmly by the staff in both Japanese and English, though I prefer the former in everyday life interactions. The restaurant, polished and set in natural tones, made excellent use of dining space. We were seats at the counter with extra spaces for my (overweight) bags. That’s what happens when I go straight from school to work— all the fixings come with me. Anyway! The lunch choices were equally tempting, but how could I pass up on tomato flan and seasonal vegetable pudding? (I couldn’t.) So I chose the Wakasa (Wakaba? Can’t remember) menu while my boyfriend chose the recommended 10 piece set. Did I regret my decision? As if!

First came the tomato flan with a drizzle of oil and a sprig of mint. Yum yum yum devoured it like a barbarian/lady in the works. Next, the sushi tray which ranged from puréed carrot to curried tomato to mouth-wateringly savory mushrooms to white asparagus to pumpkin to chopped olives. All were lightly displayed with their accompanying sauces drizzled on with perfection. A single piece, the goubou or burdock root, was presented on naturally black rice with a nice texture. Don’t mind if I save you for last, my dear.

The beautiful dish was partnered mid-meal with a covered bowl of vegetable miso soup. I love that the wait staff took turns delivering each course and carefully explained the ingredients before us. My boyfriend’s set and in two 5-piece dishes and included all of mine plus an additional eye-catching two. Finally, once our dishes were cleared, it was show time: pumpkin pudding, a personal favorite. (If I’d known from the start that seasonal vegetable = pumpkin, I would have saved minimal brain power and chosen it instantly. :-P) Needless to say, it was perfect. Not the typical creamy pudding, rather a purée that was both fresh and sweet. A+

Lunch was lovely. A perfect mid-day break and chance to catch up before continuing with our days. Even better? I was treated to it 🙂 Doesn’t get much better than that.

The verdict? Take a lunch break. You deserve it. Have some vegetable sushi. Your body (and contently full stomach) will thank you for it.

Potager at Roppongi Hills


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