The Bridge Between Steel Giants

My final morning in Kuala Lumpur involved one spoonful of mischievousness and lots of breakfast. Up before seven, I planned to go for a quick swim before breakfast at 7:40. However, the silly staff decided not to open it up at opening hours. What, too early for you? When the guy at the front desk said maybe it would open by 8 am, I thought “now that won’t do” and took matters into my own hands. Keeping in mind that the pool is in view of the entire patio and inner lounges, I acted swiftly. The “Pool Closed” sign? Impossible to read if I turn it around! Hehehe instant excuse. Ready, swim! It really only was a dip as I had to get ready but even a lap was enough to conquer the situation and have a nice refreshing swish through the water. And since no staff showed, only two hotel guests lounging in chairs witnessed me getting out. Unfortunately, no staff means no towels, and there was nothing to do about that save throw on my dress and drip through the lobby on my way up. That’s when I made eye contact across the room with the same guy who’d said the pool would open eventually. Yes, my hair is soaked. Yes, you know I’ve been for a swim. Guess what? I just opened the pool.

At 8:30, my guide and driver courteously drove me to the Petronas Towers instead of having me walk there and back for our 10:30 departure. The view from above was doubtlessly impressive, though too foggy for crisp photos. From the bridge to the 86 floor observatory, it just got better and better.




Five hours, one rest stop, and two immigration offices later, I was back in Singapore and moved from a tour guide van to my friend’s car. Girls date! Shopping, manicures and pedicures, and dinner at the Fullerton Hotel. It’s like the good old days in college, whiling away the time with great stories and fun times.

Back at my friend’s place, we indulged in traditional glutinous rice balls filled with sesame and peanut fillings and walnut paste. Then watched
Miss Congeniality on HBO, reflecting on the days of silly hair and bad filming. Who knew 2000 looked just like the 90s?

Malaysia was great but it’s nice to be back in Singapore. And in short time, it’ll be nice to be home again. But first, one last adventure!






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