Single Riders Club

Yesterday at Universal Studios Singapore, I took Single Riders line to a whole new level. Despite my friend saying it gets crowded, I was among dozens of the early birds – a mere fraction of the capacity expected. Just me and Japanese school girls. And so it was both a little strange and terribly exciting to skip through the streets unobstructed and utterly alone. First stop: Egypt’s The Mummy ride. The line was a swift affair: only my own speed restricting the flow. The attendants were surprised to see me and somehow I still had to wait — for the ride to be tested (which you would think they do prior to opening hours but I’m no expert). The ride itself wasn’t too shabby but the best part was the freedom to be scared or lack there of with all the accompanying noises I wanted. A shriek? Put it in the bag. Animal sounds? Toss ’em in. Boisterous singing? Fa la la la la.

Another highlight of my theme park adventures was Jurassic park. Getting considerably damp on the water ride as the two Japanese women beside me shielded their faces with a map to protect their makeup. Pretty funny. And the sky flyer- that was the best without shoes, feet dangling in mid air. Then there was the Skype all home from Far Far Away. Who doesn’t love a phone call from a magical kingdom?

After a semi-poor theatrical performance at the Rocky Horror Theatre, I left the park around 12:30 for some grub and S.E.A Aquarium. Within the center, there were displays about maritime trade and historical information of many south east Asian countries. A video theater experience told he takes of a young Chinese man setting sail with his father and uncle to deliver the Emperor’s precious jewels. Let’s just say I wasn’t the only one with a distressed expression when the “ride” ended at the bottom of the descended stage, staring at the precious cup under the sea after the crew perished in a storm. Um, where’s our happy ending?

And on to the aquarium. By no means as nice as two I’ve visited in Japan but a worthy attraction nonetheless. I love seeing children excited about fish almost as much as I love the vividly colored ones and jellyfish myself. Touching a starfish wasn’t something I could turn down, I thought as I reached out in childish enthusiasm toward the petting tank. Squishy squishy.

It was then three o’clock: beach time! The walk to the beaches from Universal isn’t too far, but lo and behold people are lazy and always take the tram. No sir, not me. From a choice of three beaches, I fortunately chose the coolest one — Palawan Beach, home of two outlook towers located at the southernmost point of continental Asia. Pretty cool. The water was warm, the sand smooth and lovely underfoot. I didn’t swim because I didn’t want to smell for the rest of the day (which ended at 10:30 back at my friend’s place because public transport is slow when you don’t know the shortcuts). After a snack of peanut butter toast from Toast Box — okay okay it was my breakfast too.. And lunch.. But at least I ordered different items! — I headed back to Universal for the roller coasters of doom, Madagascar ride, and one more free fly on the pterodactyls before he queasiness took over and I had to go. But not before a 50s themed performance and photos with Betty Boop and Frankenstein. Who would’ve thought the dead guy was such a comedian? As a man stood endlessly texted, ole Frankie chilled out over his shoulder, drawing laughter from the crowds that had gathered to see when this guy would finally realize a monster was breathing down his back. Guess he would been quick to go if zombies attacked. You’ve been warned.

The day wrapped up with some shopping at VivoCity (I think it’s been years since I bought a swimsuit) and later Orchard Road. Then the anticipated dinner at Cedele, this time a casual dining instead of bakery shop. I prefer the latter but by the time I found a Cedele after 8p.m. I was in no moo to track down another. Beetroot and avocado sandwich on wholemeal bread is an unfathomable world of goodness. Then the little diddy (hour) of commuting back to Holland Village. A bit of supermarket exploration for kicks and oatmeal. I love browsing supermarkets in other countries and only wish my luggage were big enough to indulge in economies of scale sweets, spices, oats, and specialties packing. Breakfast, a jar of kaya for my parents (yep the secret’s out), and oatmeal (Japan’s is expensive) would have to do.







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