Crossing Borders: Welcome to Malaysia!

Rise and shine, sun! It’s 5 A.M. and I’m up so where are you?

This morning commenced early only to be the lone traveler on my tour to Malaysia and kill time at the train station just across the border. Workers coming in for the higher wages of Singapore stared at me as in what is the single young white woman doing crossing here? I’m going to Malaysia, yo!

Once aboard, I cozie into my “first class” seat where we were given water and banana cake. At least the seats, though ratty, were comfortably roomy. I slept most of the way, despite my itinerary telling me to enjoy the scenery of farms and palm trees. Which ones? The condensation on my windows from too much air conditioning coupled with the slow gliding along the tracks was enough incentive to enjoy the inside if my eyelids. What a view!

By the time we arrived in Malacca (train followed by van) I had a terrible headache but what a city! Colonized by the British, Dutch and Portuguese at various points, the city is a seamless blend of cultures, religions, people, and traditions. Very nice.

I toured with my guide for two hours after a massive buffet lunch where I tried I be careful not to overeat in the heat but come on, how can one not try so many new dishes? The tour stopped at a few temples, mosques and churches, as well as old government buildings. I like Malacca a lot. Sadly, the hotel has no Wifi but makes up for it with impressive views and a massive pool. Good luck. I’ll just bum Internet off Papa John’s at the mall across the street. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Now off for more adventures, this time to the beat of my own drum. March away!










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