Cruiser of the Sky and Adventure in the Southern Ridges

It all began with an 11km run at eight in the morning. Sorry, Doc. It’s part of the remedy. The morning was just heating up and the sun wasn’t shy. Once at the Botanical Gardens, I ran through the rainforest walk, ginger garden, past a waterfall, around ponds and swan lake. Ah, nature.

The day continued with peanut butter kaya toast and a train journey to Labrador Station, from where I took a stroll toward Labrador Reserve. Devoid of nearly anyone, the boardwalks, Tiger’s tooth, jungles and historical placards were mine for personal enjoyment. I returned around an hour later for another train ride toward Harbour Front.

Harbour Front is home to confusing combined shopping centers, a view of Sentosa, and Mt Faber Cable Car. One section of the chaotic shopping is VivoCity, home to one of the world’s only National Geographic stores. How could I resist? The clothing was painfully overpriced and too safari for my liking, but I did indulge in a postcard.

One smoothie by the rooftop pond, one box of tropical fruits, and one watermelon juice later, I hiked up Mt Faber via the jungle stairs. Cable cars are for squares. The view from above was quite nice, though one area was overcrowded with noisy tourists so I moved on. And luckily discovered te trails to Henderson Waves, Garden Terrace, and the first walkway trails — all lovely with an impressive view of city surroundings. Walking the metal raised boardwalk of the first, I met the other lone traveler– a Chinese young woman from Shanghai who has been working here for years. After she graciously snapped a few shots for me, we walked and talked til I headed back to Labrador. Looking back at the cable cars tiny in the distance, I couldn’t believe I actually made it out there.

Back in Holland Village, I indulged in Island Creamery’s sour sop ice cream with nata de coco. Yum! After I was suitably clean and dressed, it was time for classiness: the Marina Bay Sands Bar for drinks and a gorgeous sunset.

The view was extraordinary. The company wonderful. We munched on wasabi chips, and I sipped my Lady Be Mine (vodka, lychee, rose water goodness). We could’ve stayed there for ever, watching the transition from day to night. The twinkling lights sparkled on the bay below. City cruiser of the sky, and the view wasn’t too shabby. Chips flew out of our plate across the bay. Haha sky flying chips.

The night ended with Mediterranean u by the main mosque. We shared the meze starter, and I had some chicken on pita with yogurt dish.

Overall, an incredibly active and just plain wonderful day.







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