Surprise, surprise!

You may have wondered — why the early Valentine’s? Why the indulgent posting?

Well, I figured I’d get a head start before falling behind…

during my two weeks off traveling Vietnam and Thailand!

Yep, cat’s out of the bag. And soon, I’ll be off (and warm).

I’m terribly excited. My suitcase, however, is unhappily stuffed.

I am a poor, poor packer. Choosing what to bring has never been my forte. I’ve gotten much better over the last few years, but I still appreciate choices too much to whittle my stockpile down to the essentials. Now if only I had one of those magical Harry Potter bags or Doraemon’s mystical pocket… then I’d be all set and wouldn’t have to change my pack-rat ways.

Anyway! Now tending to the last minute things that may or may not include painting my toenails in a vivid tropical color, giving a presentation, emptying my fridge, and not forgetting things.

Look forward to fabulously vibrant posts when I return! šŸ™‚



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