Valentine’s Treats

I hadn’t quite thought of posting about Valentine’s Day til I found inspiration in the cutest sweets. From Valentine’s colors to heart designs, these inspired findings are mostly too cute for words. If chocolate wasn’t already the way to my heart, these treats may just do the trick.

Whether you have a loving boyfriend or a group of gal pals hungering for your baked goods, there is always someone to cook for. Perhaps you too will be tempted to try some of these.. or wish someone would make them for you!

For the recipes, just click on the pictures!

Aunt Jemima pancakes are too cute for words

Valentine’s sweetness paired with tangy cherry

Bacon hearts – not exactly romantic, but smart nonetheless

And now that we’re on the subject of bacon, this doesn’t look so bad either ;-P

Overly artificial coloring tends to freak me out, but I’m pretty sure I’d give these a try…

These pop-tarts look yummy and Valentine’s appropriate!

As if the ingredients alone didn’t have me convinced… the hearts are too much for me to handle! 😀

And saving the best for last….

These crepes are downright beautiful. I would almost be sad to eat them.. well, almost.

Happy (early) Valentine’s Day!


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