Things We Can’t Live Without

A silly thought occurred to me over breakfast (mmm apple crisp!) this morning — how have we changed so much?

When I read an article about automatic household devices, I remembered an intriguing answer most people give these days to the question: What can’t you live without? Their answers tend to be technology-based, particularly related to smartphones. Considering this technology barely existed, at least in mass popularity, several years ago, how have we come to rely on it so much, so quickly? An iPhone addict myself, I’m not one to talk, but I still recall those relaxing days when I didn’t feel the need to tote my phone around like a precious baby. Long gone are the times when I couldn’t be reached simultaneously by e-mail, Facebook, Skype, and chat – and respond within seconds of receiving said message.

I think this is why I love travel so much – beyond all of the amazing things to see, do, eat, and explore – it’s my one chance to take a guilt-free break from technology-enhanced reality. I love having access to information at the touch of a screen, but there needs to be a limit. Wasn’t it nice to wonder things in the past, debate them, instead of immediately looking up the answer? I’ve become awfully impatient with my need to know.

Maybe what I should take from this blip of thought is a suggestion: take a mini break now and then. My boyfriend and I tried it one night – going out without our phones – and we had a wonderful evening centered around talking and each other – completely uninterrupted by buzzing on either end. Perhaps these moments are just as important as having access to our virtual lives 24/7.

And, it goes without saying, what I can’t live without is my friends and family. Even though they don’t have updated features, wireless capabilities, or cool apps, — and sometimes they have glitches, too, — they are reliable, timeless, and incredible. No shiny toy can compete with that.


What are you thinking? Let me know :)

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