Not for the Faint of Stomach

Seeing the numerous expeditions I’ve gone on recently and their resulting photos, I have a lot of catching up to do. Though I wish I could sit and write for hours at a time in a cozy cafe or scrunched in a comfy hair at home, there isn’t nearly enough time to get out all of the words. So, to save time, this post will relieve all of that pent up expression through short descriptions and photographs taken recently.

Country eating in Takayama. Thank you Kazumi-san and family for wonderful company and delicious home cooking!

Deliciousness by the name of kei-chan.. Chicken and veggies cooked in an almost sweet soy sauce broth right at our table.


Couscous + boyfriend’s cooking skills = delicious dinner for the two of us

Pino ice cream bon bons in strawberry-chocolate. Yum! Perfect Valentine’s treat.

An early Valentine’s Day date… Tokyo Tower at dusk and night, followed by great dinner of falafel/pita/hummus/grilled veggies and ricotta-tofu lasagna at Addis. Better yet, sweet cocktails on the house! Thanks!


Dinner for one featuring my limited cooking skills: spinach omelette and pumpkin-bean soup. Not too shabby.

Dinner for two, featuring le beau’s impressive culinary talent. Veggies and fish cakes! So good– even as leftovers for breakfast.

A flavored potato chip revolution? In Shibuya and Kaldi Coffee Farm in Jiyugaoka.

And finally, last night’s special treat! S’mores cookies!

Sure, the first batch may have burned in the oven and smoked up the entire apartment resulting in the swift opening of the front door to cough outside, but… the ones that weren’t burnt were delicious!


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