Daikanyama Dining and Shopping Adventure

In celebration of free time following the semester’s end, a friend and I met up for a girls’ lunch before my upcoming travels. Contrary to my busy morning of errands, lunch was as easy-going as relaxation can be. We stayed over two hours catching up, chatting, and laughing. It was the perfect girls’ afternoon.

As if the company alone wasn’t perfect enough, the food was incredible. For about 1500 yen each, we devoured bread an olive oil, salad, a main dish, coffee and unlimited iced tea. The latter caused havoc on my bladder but was so refreshing. Perhaps a reason we state so long is because we tried to make it through the remains of our dishes, giving time to digest in between being so stuffed.

We happily agreed to split our two mains so we could both try the restaurants delicious sounding options. The only problem was — which to choose?? Mine was a clear cut decision- I’d been craving the ricotta thin crust pizza since I first saw a picture of it months ago. Done. The second was not so easy… We finally settled on the weekly special: chicken and okra jambalaya.

After feasting on the bread and salad, our mains arrived and we didn’t know where to begin. One bite of my pizza and I was in heaven. It felt so light and summery– the perfect picnic treat. Then the jambalaya– on the contrary, a suitable winter dish. More than suitable. I felt I was back at school in St. Louis, where we could always find a fusion of New Orleans and the Mid-West in our eateries.

If we hadn’t both had things to do, we probably would’ve stayed longer until our stomachs made room for dessert even. After our coffees came, we parted ways into the surprisingly warm afternoon.

On that note, I’d like to mention that Daikanyama is full of surprises. Even after a few visits, I was still unaware of the beauty that is the Tsutaya bookstore at T-Site. More a library in natural woods, I fell in love with the ambiance and decor. I will definitely return to relax at its Starbucks as well. As for the shopping, not too far away you can find Seria, which probably has the best quality 100 yen goods. And that doesn’t even speak of the cute boutiques and stores also found in the area.

The walk to Shibuya from Daikanyama is also quite nice. The main street I followed was line with small antique shops and strange finds. It will make a pleasant afternoon stroll when spring rolls around.


What are you thinking? Let me know :)

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