Uchimura Egyptian Deli Shop

This past weekend was one of those much needed two day breaks from reality. While these are often best enjoyed at least 100 miles from home, we decided to stick around — only a few train stops away to the west of Shibuya: Higashi-kitazawa and Shimo-kitazawa. Our first stop was lunch at Uchimura Egyptian Deli Cafe. After that, we continued through the upbeat (some decrepit) streets of Shimo-Kita for a nice afternoon of shop browsing and lazy strolls.

Uchimura’s shop can easily be described as a hole in the wall. I would endearingly name it a neighborhood nook. While it was too small even for a bathroom (I was graciously invited into the owner’s attached home to use hers), it was just enough space for a few small tables. Faced with a menu (also in English) of foods we had never heard of, we settled on the chicken curry with pita and the spicy chicken shawarma. Both were delicious.
We then decided to share a little more — Fu’ul (broad bean and green pepper dip) and another pita. The prices made it an irresistible option. Including the bag of six fresh pitas we took home for later indulgences, the price was under 1000 for each of us. A steal in Tokyo especially for international foods beyond Italian. We were more than pleased. ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

The conclusion? Though it’s a bit out of the way, definitely pay this one a visit. In fact, make it a mini afternoon adventure.





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