The Pie’s in the Oven!

My first semester as a graduate student is almost entirely done, save for one last class that the professor doesn’t know how to fill and I am quite tempted not to attend. Time shall tell.

Despite fighting off two snooze buttons, I managed to get up before alarms three and four, toss the trash before pickup, practice my presentation final for this morning’s class, and go food shopping down the street — all before my 10:17am train. This wouldn’t really impress my over-achieving old self, but I am a new and slightly more lazy version of that girl anyway. The beginnings of a real woman? Haha well anyway.

The presentation went well. I stepped it up — that part of me may never change — and presented a rather large portion of it when two members decided to contribute nothing. I hate it when people free-load. The class finished late so by the time I got home I couldn’t wait to prep and inhale a veggie-filled and smoked salmon sprinkled omelette and mug of chicken soup. Perfect!

In the remaining 40 minutes, I somehow managed to hang out laundry (right, that too was a morning success!) and prep tonight’s surprise dinner: chicken pot pie. If I ruined the surprise by posting too early: sorry, dear! Hehe.

I’ve never made this dish before. It didn’t seem too complicated, only that I dashed through it and ate a significant amount of the veggies along the way. I hope it’s successful!

Next stop is mine so enough posting from a train πŸ™‚

I’ll update with the recipe and results later!

Update: SUCCESS! It was delicious πŸ˜€ and a great surprise!


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