The Grand Preparation

The last week or so has been chaotic beyond belief, though my agenda warned me to get ready for it long ago.

From late school nights (and Saturday mornings at another campus) to five hour hair appointments to holiday and birthday parties, activity has been a part of every day. Though being active is the spice of life, I think I’ve gotten a little out of hand with the pinches and dashes.

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In T-16 hours, I will be on a plane to England. Yes, the very same country responsible for Love Actually. As the Prime Minister would say of it,

“Britain. We may be a small country, but we’re a great one, too. The country of Shakespeare, Churchill, the Beatles, Sean Connery, Harry Potter. David Beckham’s right foot. David Beckham’s left foot, come to that.”

Thank you, sir. I am terribly excited. Having been to London twice already, I’m looking forward more to the company and the adventures that come unexpectedly. Oh I’m ready.

Moreover, I have recently discovered my short affair with Paris will occur during a key season – January sales! Sure, I’d gotten a job a while ago to fund my two-week holiday break, but Parisian fashion wasn’t taken into account. But as they say, C’est la vie! You win some, you lose some. You invest in a gorgeous leather bag.

Speaking of fashion, packing, as always, has been more of a foe than a friend. Surprisingly, it was rather quick and painless. The things that can physically fit in my suitcase are nestled in the bursting bag. Those that cannot, well, I’ll place a Skype call to Harry Potter later and see what kind of magic he can conjure up.

My goal is to look nice. Isn’t this always true? Yes. Especially on vacation. I am certainly not the type to put on my frumpiest clothes because I think no one is looking. In fact, I will be looking. Again and again, years later. Vacation pictures are forever. Especially so when trying to live down the hideous inexplicable ensemble you unraveled from your suitcase. Sure, vacations may be expensive, but we mustn’t try to look like it cost us decent clothing as well. (My professor told us that what we were wearing today was what homeless people wore decades back. I’d like to think that meant homeless people were trendsetters.)


Anyway! I was thinking something like this – fresh faced, brightly colored ensembles. The perfect understatement to my over-excitement because IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!




Okay, so the suitcase(s) is (nearly…) packed. Now what? On to the app store, of course! I decided to download a few nifty travel guides for London and Paris. Unfortunately, not all were what they promised to be, but hey, that’s also a part of life.


The question of the day: why does the “Free London” app cost $0.99?

Moomin! such cute cookies

Moomin! such cute cookies


I am officially free. Class ended with Arduino programming (otherwise known as Paris-guide-making). Now, a few last minute things. Cleaning? Semi-check. Post office to mail New Year’s Nengagyou (cards)? Check. Last minute French review? Going in 10 minutes to Starbucks. Laundry? Check. Check. Christmas-y red toenails? When I return from said coffee and sushi dinner.



11.55 A.M. flight, you better get ready!



What are you thinking? Let me know :)

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