The Excitement!

.. of holiday baking.

IMG_1315              IMG_1317

My friends, family and neighbors know the feeling well. It’s December. The weather is chilly and your hands are cold. Christmas decorations in windows and fragrant smells draw you in. Your stomach rumbles with thoughts of sweet goodness, holiday style. Then suddenly, I appear beside you.

Hello, there. Christmas cookies?

And you smile.

The second December hits, I am known to transform. I wear reds, greens. My voice jingles with excitement. I sing Christmas songs non-stop. My ears start to point, but luckily I don’t get much shorter. (Just kidding on the ears!) I become the Keebler Factory. Open for the holiday season.

Sometimes, I bake several different kinds of cookies in one afternoon. Other days, I limit myself to one kind a day so I can savor the afternoon with Christmas songs keeping the atmosphere light and fun. You might catch me licking the spoon clean when the work is done. I can’t help it. I love holiday baking.

This year, I’m a little busier than expected. Classes, work, things to do and things to try. But don’t worry. The cookies will come.

In the meantime — here are some interesting recipes to try. Why stick with the usual cookies when there is so much baking to be done!? Goodness comes in all shapes, sizes and flavors 😀

 Gingerbread Sandwich Tree cookies

Who doesn’t like a fruity muffin now and then?

No holiday is complete without gingerbread.. why not try a new kind?


What are you thinking? Let me know :)

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